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REDD+: How effective are carbon offsetting schemes?

How effective are REDD+ incentives for carbon offsetting? This post will take a look at the complex effects that paying for carbon in trees can have on the economy and the community.

Smart Shorts III: Can eating Quorn help you save the planet?

Have you ever sat down for dinner, started tucking into a Quorn lasagne, escalope or the best of the best (in my opinion) the Quorn nugget, and wondered to yourself… What is this? Well, I have! So to answer my own question (and hopefully satisfy your curiosity too), this blog post will cover what Quorn …


Ecotourism: Is it as ‘green’ as it claims to be?

Ecotourism has been defined as the “responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people” (The International Ecotourism Society). The term arose in the 1980s to highlight the connection between conservation and tourism, and the benefits that one can have on the other (Stronza et al., 2019). But …