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  • Will agricultural intensification solve our food crisis?

    5th Aug 2019 by

    2018 saw an 11% rise in the number of food insecure people globally (World Food Program, 2018). A food crisis is a sharp rise in rates of hunger and malnutrition at a local, regional or global scale, for reasons which may include increased food prices or poor crop yield due to drought or flooding. There… Read more

  • Ancient woodlands: what are they and why should we care?

    29th Jul 2019 by

    Ancient woodlands are an ecosystem which, according to the Woodlands Trust, are home to more threatened wildlife than any other UK terrestrial habitat. Across Europe, ancient woodlands are rare, but can be found in the form of remnants of “wildwood” or primeval forests, such as the Białowieża Forest on the border between Poland and Belarus,… Read more

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