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Best Books of 2021 (so far)!

I have been somewhat negligent of this blog for a few months so I thought I would drop a sneaky mid-year favourite books post, since everybody and their dog are putting these out online at the moment and I wanted to join in the fun. I’ve read lots of good stuff this year and am…

Reviewing the natural history books of 2021 (so far)

Hello friends! It’s me again after another hiatus… to talk about some non fiction books I have been reading lately! I am not typically a non-fiction reader and find it much slower going than fiction but in a vague attempt at keeping to the sciency-theme of this blog I will go through some here. My…

Veganuary 2021: One year on

Wow, a whole year has passed since Veganuary 2020. And now I am here to write about Veganuary 2021. And let me tell you, what a difference 12 months makes – especially when those 12 have been spent predominantly in isolation. I started off last year’s post by explaining how bad at being vegetarian I…

The books that took me through 2020

Hi guys! I know that I haven’t put anything new up lately due to me moving and getting a full-time job, however I thought I would do a little roundup of some of the books I have read this year. I have picked ones which I have particularly enjoyed/ found interesting, but there are loads…


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